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Dreamwidth invite codes

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I've got five Dreamwidth invite codes, if anyone is interested, leave your email in the comments (they're screened) or email me at alice.ttlg at with "Dreamwidth invite" in the subject.

If you're not sure what Dreamwidth is, it's an LJ alternative designed by a couple people who used to work at LJ and it's very open and transparent in their terms and geared towards fandom (but certainly open to anyone).

Music site!

Coda - Music
God, it's been ages since I've posted! To quote a song on this wonderful little music site, "Now I want to give away what I've taken back..."

Just Watch the Sky

Or rather, just watch that site! They have about 19 songs on there now, full length, one to a page and there's some really spiffy stuff there! Listen, enjoy! Links to Amazon from that site or just about all available on iTunes too I think.

The first song is currently White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes which starts to drive you crazy with repeating "I was following the" until you just have to love it and sing along and then it finishes the sentence - "...pack all swallowed in their coats with scarves of red tied ’round their throats to keep their little heads from fallin’ in the snow..."

And there's some great Death Cab for Cutie, "Your New Twin-sized Bed" and "The Nerve" by The Republic Tigers (Let's just drive, I wanna see what the wind does to your hair) and "Slow Show" by The National which just makes me melt and "My Backwards Walk" by Frightened Rabbit (You're the shit & I'm knee-deep in it) and lots more!

There was 18 songs when I first went to the site a few days back and now there's 19, they added one at the beginning so I'm figuring they do that, add one, every so often (once a week?), so keep checking back!


InsaneJournal - can't log in?

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ETA: All fixed now! Squeaky is a fabulous superfast guy!

What's the deal with IJ? I haven't been able to log in there - I hadn't been to IJ in awhile and I tried to log in yesterday and again this morning and I keep getting a message that the database is in read only. I see on Announcements that he's upgrading but there's no info about problems with logins.

I tried the support form at IJ and I get "invalid form submission" even when I choose "not an IJ user" and give my email address.

Is it all a Russian plot to keep me from posting anywhere except LJ?




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Dear newbie bookmoocher,

When you first join, you get a whole bunch of mooches (I'm fairly new too, just joined last October) and it's really fun and really exciting to send out all those books! But you really really really need to be careful when packaging up the books and sticking on labels to make sure sure you get the right book in the right envelope with the right label!

Because I do not like J. A. Jance at all and I was really really really excited about getting Cornelia Read's new book and having Ms. Jance show up in my mailbox was Not.A.Happy.Occasion.

Damn it,
alice ttlg


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Just an fyi (although everyone else probably knew this ages ago and I just found out on Monday), Amazon has the boxed collector's set of the complete Angel series on sale for 50% off - $70. It is also possible to find the same thing, brand new, factory sealed, at eBay for about that or even slightly less.

DUH! ETA a url would be helpful, wouldn't it! boxed Angel at Amazon


Hell is closed but Heaven exists!

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(safe for work, no pics, very funny!)

Merry Christmas!

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As I sit here watching the snow fall (on my computer desktop) and the lights twinkle on the Christmas tree (on my computer desktop) and listen to the carolers (on the TV), I'm so happy I won't have to do more than click off all that stuff to clean up! LOL!

Merry Christmas (or your holiday of preference or just have a great day) to all!


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6A: I have a great idea!
LJers: What's that?
6A: I really didn't like all you people whining and complaining when we deleted those LJs back on Memorial Day weekend...
LJers: ...So you're not going to do that anymore?
6A: Well, no, we will delete LJs - we just won't make it easy for you to realize we've done it!
LJers: Come again?
6A: We'll remove the strikethrough, instead we'll just de-link all deleted/suspended LJs in any posts or comments and we'll hide them in in profiles' friends/comms lists.
LJers: ???
6A: Yes, it's perfect! Because you won't easily see that we're TOSing people left and right, you won't be able to complain and whine and organize boycotts or anything else we don't feel like dealing with!
(6A toddles off happily)
(LJers' heads explode)

Yes, it's all true, right here in LJ Releases (because of course *everyone* reads every single LJ release in full details).

Any links to deleted/suspendes LJs in LJ posts or comments will become plain bolded text, no link, no little LJ user head. You can only see deleted LJs in your own profile (if you had friended/watched them), to see deleted LJs in other people's profiles' friends/comm lists, you have to click on that link at the bottom to show the full profile.

6A took lessons from Cheney and Rove, didn't they? Full disclosure is stupid! It just gets you a lot of bothersome questions and whiny-ass people bitching and moaning. Much better to keep things secret because after all, what LJ users don't know won't hurt them, right? Ignorance is bliss, right?

Okay, so I can definitely cross off "renew paid LJ accounts" from my budget this fall. Because after all, 6A doesn't really want my money, do they?


TV: My Boys

Idiot Box blog
My Boys is starting its second season tonight and it's become one of my favorite shows. I'm not exactly sure why, a large part of it is Jordana Spiro's good-natured smile and natural prettiness. She seems like the kind of girlfriend who'd be up for anything and wouldn't be worrying about chipping her nail polish. I can also relate to her being one of the guys (which I translate as being herself) and trying to sort out the dating rules when she's not a Rules woman. The men in the show are various typical stereotypes you've seen a zillion times but they're given some heart and made more three dimensional so they're interesting and fun to watch.



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